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Satan's Entangled Love: Little Wife Is Pure Bireysel - Sahibinden

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"JUN, do you know that there has been a lot of hubbub about me and the president of NS and his wife recently?" “…… I know! Obviously, JUN is somewhat depressed, after all, this matter, although the president did not say anything, but in fact the company up and down, who can not see? The president doesn't want anyone talking about it. So what's the situation now? The president took the initiative to tell him? But also said so light? Leave this matter to me. So what's the situation now? The president took the initiative to tell him? But also said so light? "Well, really, I don't know, it's impossible, after all, a lot of my things are actually handled directly by you, so in this matter, I believe you also helped me block a lot of paparazzi." “……” Shame ah, JUN had to admit that he really secretly touched a cold sweat, God ah, not only a lot of paparazzi ah? It's like killing a whole bunch of people, okay? I really don't know how those paparazzi are so tough, so successive, that kind of posture, that kind of psychology that wants to dig out more truth, it makes people feel that they are not only paparazzi, but also death squads. JUN, in fact, you should also understand the specific situation, and because of this matter, I think because you deal with it,american hot tub, so you will not know less than me, so I will not be wordy, just make a long story short, I say the key point, I hope you listen carefully. "Yes, President." Is there any point in this matter? Or does the president have a conscience? Decided to give him some information? So he can deal with the paparazzi? Otherwise, to be honest, no matter how to deal with it, she had to admit that she really didn't know how to deal with it. Recently, because of this incident,outdoor endless pool, someone seemed to use the name behind the back to make the president of NS and his president's wife think that these things were all revealed by me. Originally, I did not intend to participate in this kind of thing. But now people ride on my neck to shit, so I really can't ignore it, so I won't say so much else, you should understand, right? “…… President? You want me to get involved? The truth behind the investigation? God wow, JUN really have to say, I once again wiped a cold sweat wow, there is no rice wrong wow? When did he become the most powerful vice president of GULUO? Also need to deal with this kind of sex thing? Ang, yes, there is no need to doubt, because of the trust of Gu Junyi, but also because of his promotion, so although JUN is a young man of 25 years old, but also sitting in the position of vice president. This age, there is no special family background, so to climb this position, really have to meet a special appreciation of their own Bole to go, and he met, whirlpool bathtub ,best whirlpool tub, so Gu Junyi will be dead set, will be more respect, then it is natural, normal things. Uh-huh, JUN, you are a smart man, so I usually communicate with you, and I never need more effort, so this matter, I will ask you.  management, as well as business, have long been in a stable level, so for JUN who is eager to learn some management,endless pool factory, as well as some marketing experience, just suitable! So when Gu Junyi put forward this very attractive condition, it was obvious that JUN's face was as excited as a child who was about to get candy.

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